Pre-Holiday Madness


For design obsessed people like me, the holidays aren’t about family, friends, and food, they’re about CHANGE – and lots of it!

Everybody needs at least one good rationalization a day, and I can definitely top that when it comes to reasons for redecorating right before the holidays.  Here are my top choices:

  1. Everyone that might be coming over hates my TV stand as much as I do
  2. I just can’t live without a teal wall RIGHT NOW!
  3. I can’t do my therapeutic back exercises unless I rearrange the entire living room

Sometimes you really must redecorate.  Friends coming to stay may enjoy a bed as opposed to a floor.  A couch that has been taken over and annihlated by the family pets may need to be replaced before the in-laws visit.  I get it, believe me!  All those long cold nights curled up on the couch watching design shows may have made you a little koo-koo.  But listen my friend, from one crazed person to another, this is a wonderful time to re-direct your creative passions to something a little more altruistic.

My favorite Christmas in recent years was spent with my sister-in-law crafting garage sales frames and boxes into simple, lovely gift items by decoupaging specialty art paper to them.  Each gift was hand-tagged, and wrapped in equally exquisite paper.  We had so much fun scavenging the items, picking out which papers each recipient would like best, and the time we spent together making them.  The icing on the cake was seeing how special the gifts made everyone feel when they were opened.

So grab some dollar bills and head to the thrift shop, then make hot cider and snacks for a few good friends and start crafting until the madness goes away.

Merry Christmas to you and know that your creativity makes God smile!