Grey is the New Beige


A new year can be an exciting time, filled with positive changes to your lifestlye.  What better way to bring in some new vitality to your environment than with color?  Over the past decade we have fallen in love with the warm neutral – from creamy vanilla to dark chocolate and everything in between – we have done the brown and tan color scheme in a variety of design styles.  Kick started by the popularity of Tuscan and Old World design, and segueing effortlessly to transitional and contemporary styles, the brown/tan palette has been a reliable mainstay.  Well, move over brown, ’cause grey is in town.  

By my reckoning, grey dipped its toe into the water when bathroom remodels wanted to achieve the spa feeling, staying neutral without committing to cool blues and greens.  What better way than with grey?  Like every color, grey has a range of hues from cool to warm.  In daylight, a cool grey can look blue.  In incandescent light, a warm grey can look brown.  From Dove to Charcoal, there is something in grey for every room.  Punch it up with a hot sunflower accent, or make it shimmer next to teal.  Whether it’s with an “e” or an “a”, any way you use it or spell it, grey is here to stay.