Common Worries When Choosing Paint Colors

You:  Will it match my flooring?  Tile?  Countertops?  Cabinetry?

4 Walls:  Colors don’t have to match, but they do have to coordinate.  Our consultants are magicians when it comes to making color choices that will coordinate disparate finishes into one perfectly integrated palette.

You:  I want a brighter color

4 Walls:  Usually this means that you want it to be light, not dark.  In color language we call this light on the tonal scale, or pastel.  The feeling lightness in a color is affected by the existing natural and artificial light, as well as ceiling height, flooring color and its reflective qualities, and the amount of light reflecting around the room.

You:  I want a warm feeling

4 Walls:  Warm colors are not only found in yellow, orange, red and brown.  Did you know that every color family has a warm version and a cool version of that color?

You:  I don’t want it too dark

4 Walls:  Years ago, everyone was told that dark colors made a room look smaller.  Now, the trend is to use dark colors to make a space expand.  The truth is that since color is a subjective experience, only YOU know how you experience color.  If a dark room makes you feel peaceful, then go for it!  If a dark room makes you feel like you’re suffocating, DON’T do it!

If you want to try a darker color, try starting with an accent wall, or in a guest bathroom.  Those are easy do-overs if you decide that mid-tones or dark tones are not for you.  Or, let 4 Walls create a digital sketch of your space so you can have a virtual experience!

You:  How can I be sure I’ll like it?

4 Walls:  Taking a big step is never easy, but having professional guidance plus the visualization tools that 4 Walls provides are certainly good steps toward success.