Color Language – How to Talk with your Color Consultant

Did you know that color has a language all its own?  Here are some words your color consultant will use:

Value:  How light or dark the color is – an LRV is a measurement of Light Reflectance

Chroma:  How vibrant the color is versus how neutral it is

Hue:  What color is the color – blue?  Green?  Red?

Tint:  How much white is in the color

Neutral:  A color that coordinates well with other colors

Palette:  A group of colors that play well with each other

Finish:  What type of sheen is the paint?  We’re not talking about Martin and Charlie here!  This is an important step in deciding your paint.  Flat/matte?  Low Sheen?  Eggshell?  Semi Gloss?  High Gloss?  Every sheen has at least one purpose.  Ask your consultant which is best for your needs.

Shade:  How much black/gray is in the color.